Simply Red-Simplified-(EDSEL 8042)-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2014-CBR

Simply Red-Simplified-(EDSEL 8042)-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2014-CBR

Description: It’s as simple as that: following the recording of acoustic versions of his STARS-album classics for the DVD Classic Albums, Mick Hucknall decided to record other Simply Red classics in an acoustic way to make a whole new album. And he was right to do so because it’s truly a great album. His last album, HOME, was already a success and instead of making a new album with new songs, he decides to make a stop in his discography and takes a look at his past albums.


Disc 1/2

1. Perfect Love 3:12
2. Something Got Me Started 3:45
3. Holding Back The Years 4:19
4. More 4:19
5. A Song For You 4:08
6. Your Mirror 4:14
7. Fairground 5:14
8. My Perfect Love 3:38
9. Smile 3:10
10. Sad Old Red 5:45
11. For Your Babies 4:24
12. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye 3:08

Disc 2/2

1. Pefect Love (Lazy Radio Mix) 3:13
2. Pefect Love (Love To Infinty Sunset Mix – Long Version) 7:45
3. Pefect Love (Love To Infinity Radio Mix) 3:34
4. Pefect Love (Kurtis Mantronik 12” Vocal Mix) 6:18
5. Pefect Love (Motive Hi-Lectro Mix) 6:32
6. Pefect Love (Roger’s Dirty Sanchez Mix Edit) 6:45
7. Pefect Love (Lee Cabrera’s Lower East Side Dub) 6:01
8. Pefect Love (Live In Cuba) 3:26
9. Something Got Me Started (Live In Cuba) 3:37
10. A Song For You (Live In Cuba) 4:09
11. Stars (Live In Cuba) 4:17
12. It’s Only Love (Live In Cuba) 4:30
13. Fairground (Live In Cuba) 6:00

Release Name: Simply_Red-Simplified-(EDSEL_8042)-Deluxe_Edition-2CD-2014-CBR
Size: 81.3 MB
Genre: Pop
Label: Demon Music Group
Quality: 242kbps 44100Hz Joint Stereo Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Time: 115 Min

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